Bitcoin Marketing Fund

WeUseCoins is exclusively financed by donations from the Bitcoin community. This is the official information page on the Bitcoin Marketing Fund, a fund set up mostly using the bounty we won with the "What is Bitcoin?" video.

Loss of Bitcoins

In July 2011, the wallet holding the remainder of the WeUseCoins marketing fund was lost. Despite triple backups we were unable to recover the private keys. Wallet security at the time was very much an unsolved problem and there were several cases of four or even five digits sums lost or stolen.

In our case we protected very heavily against theft, by using a virtual machine to host the primary copy, and a Truecrypt encrypted copy on Dropbox as well as a copy on an Ironkey as backups. The complexity of that setup ended up working against us as none of the backups were actually accessible when we needed them.

The lost coins are still viewable in the block chain here (6511.96 BTC) and here (491.25 BTC).

Current State and Expenses

Comment Credit Debit
Bounty and initial donations 9 052.00
Expenses "What is Bitcoin?" (Voice, Sound Design and Motion Graphics) 2 000.00
Donation to the Bitcoin Roadtrip 50.00
Loss (see section above) 7 002.00
Donations via 1Kj7V3CYk4TzmE5cgYR7UVbejgFVRbqSwu 20.5805
Contribution to community-run WeUseCoins FeedZeBirds campaign 8.0005
Current Balance 12.58

Note that this page is manually updated, so new donations will only be added once we have time to update the list.

Future Plans

With the loss of most of our funding we currently don't have any concrete plans to make more videos or run major campaigns. But we will continue to work on the website and help Bitcoin in any way we can.


If you'd like to contribute to the Bitcoin marketing fund, please use our official Bitcoin address: 1Kj7V3CYk4TzmE5cgYR7UVbejgFVRbqSwu

We would like to thank all donors for their support!