Matthew Ewald - CEO of Blockpath

Matthew Ewald

Position: CEO of Blockpath

Education: Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan


Matthew is the founder of Blockpath.

“In 2013 I got very intrigued by Bitcoin because of the freedom and new capabilities I saw it could provide. I fell into a several month long binge of learning as much as I could about the technology, and when I finally clicked in my head how large I thought it would become, I decided I have to find a way to contribute to Bitcoin’s growth.”

“While brainstorming what the ecosystem needed, I saw that there were many new and flashy startups promising the future, but there were very few that were focused on providing the stable platform of tools for actually using the technology on a daily basis. I started thinking about what tools were needed to really work with blockchain technologies, and that’s where Blockpath was born.”

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