What Is DigixDao?

DGD, denoting the Digix Decentralized Autonomous Organization, was set out back in March 2016, to promote a self-governing community that commits to the development and growth of DGX and the Digix ecosystem.

DigixDAO aims to be the first of its kind in becoming a community on the Ethereum blockchain that actively involves its token holders in decision making and shaping the direction of the asset tokenization business. The idea is that users get to submit proposals and apply for grants for the purposes of building up the Digix and DGX ecosystem. Examples of these proposals could include: making a music video about Digix, accepting DGX as a payment method in their cafe, starting up a Digix cafe, amongst other things.

Only DGD token holders are given the platform access in the Digix ecosystem to participate in making active managerial decision to any proposals submitted to DigixDAO.

There will be a rewards store from which DGD token holders who have actively participated can select from a range of available rewards.

Digix provides a use case for the tokenisation and documentation of physical assets through its Proof of Asset (PoA)protocol. The PoA protocol utilises Ethereum and the InterPlanetary 1 Files System (IPFS) to track an asset through its chain of custody. This allows for the open and 2 public verification of an asset’s existence without a centralised database. Digix also offers an API allowing other applications to be built on top of our asset tokenisation service.

what is digixdao

DigixDao is part into two tokens (DGX | DGD) both have totally extraordinary utilize cases and perform different capacities. So as to clarify the task I'll center around DGX first as this is the essential piece of the venture.

The general undertaking will enable clients to purchase gold through owning an ERC20 token called DGX. For each DGX a man possesses, they claim 1 gram of 99.9% LBMC affirmed gold which is put away in a Singapore vault. DGX is made on their commercial center and the group have by and by disclosed to me that they have a lot of room in the vaults meaning they can adapt to an extraordinarily appeal and from inquiring about the vault itself (connected above) we can see that they are authorize and a key player in the gold . This implies DGX is totally steady and won't move unless the cost of gold does thusly 1 DGX is topped to the cost of 1 gram of gold!

The magnificence of DGX is that on account of the blockchain and smart contracts, purchasing gold is basically the way toward buying a token and after that a gram of gold moves toward becoming distributed to you on the framework, with the record at that point putting away a record of your buy. There is no outsider required what so regularly, making it simple, sheltered and secure to buy gold. Contrasting with ETFs, the procedure with Digix is considerably more secure as there is no need a trusted gathering like you have in the gold ETF process.

Key Products

1. Proof of Asset (PoA) Asset Cards - PoA Asset Cards consist of the below information permanently uploaded onto the decentralised database:

PoA Asset Cards are kept in an Ethereum Wallet.

2. Digix Tokens (DGX)

Dgx Tokens are minted via a Minter Smart Contract. Each DGX token represents 1g of Gold and divisible to 0.001g. For every PoA Card that is sent to the Minter Smart Contract, DGX tokens will be issued in return. For instance, a 100g PoA Card sent to the Minter Smart Contract returns 100 DGX tokens to the user. Digix Tokens are held in an Ethereum Wallet.

Key Processes

There are 3 modular processes that Digix uses to provide a proof of existence and fungibility for an asset, 1 for redemption of physical assets, and 1 that encourages Ðapp Development. Those processes consist of:

1. Proof of Asset (PoA) Verification process which records and provides an audit trail of an asset on Ethereum to create PoA Asset Cards. The asset cards are certified using sequential digital signatures from the entities in the chain of custody, namely, the Vendor, Custodian,Auditor, which are further validated with proof of purchase and depository receipts provided and uploaded onto IPFS for permanent record.

what is digixdao

The PoA Verification contains a sub process for regular audits as shown below.

what is digixdao

2. Minter Smart Contract to create fungible DGX tokens, that accepts or holds PoA Asset Cards in exchange for DGX tokens.

what is digixdao

3. Recaster Smart Contract,​ which is used to exchange DGX tokens back into PoA Asset cards.

what is digixdao

4. Redemption Process, for redeeming physical gold bar with PoA Asset cards

what is digixdao

5. Generic I/O Contracts, allowing developers to utilize PoA Cards or DGX tokens for Ðapp development.

Ethereum Smart Contracts Stack

The diagram below shows the individual Digix smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum blockchain that make up the core processes above.

what is digixdao

Digix’s Proof of Asset Participants (Blockchain Oracle Entities)

Asset Vendor - ValueMax Singapore, a publicly listed company, supplies London Bullion Market Association (LBMA ) certified gold bullion bars through the Digix Marketplace. Established in 1988, they 3 provide pawnbroking services, retail and trading of pre¬owned jewellery, gold and luxury timepieces.

Independent Auditor - Bureau Veritas Inspectorate will carry out quarterly checks on the quality and quantity at our custodian vault to ensure accounting is upheld. They are a multinational group with capabilities in an extensive range of commodities, providing independent inspection, sampling and testing services of precious metals.

Every gold bullion is rigorously tested with precision instruments at Audit. They perform such measurements using Ultrasonic Gauge Measurements (UTM) and densometers. UTM is a method of performing non¬destructive measurement (gauging) of the local thickness of a solid element basing on the time taken by the ultrasound wave to return to the surface. Densometers are devices that measure the density of objects with water displacement.

Participating Custodian Vault

Malca¬Amit’s state of the art facility near Singapore Changi International Airport is located in the Le Freeport of Singapore, a 25,000 sqm high¬security and climate¬controlled facility featuring cutting edge security technologies enhanced by green building engineering.

Multi¬party Trust Mechanism

The Digix system relies on multiple independent participants to provide a transparent platform for the tokenization of physical assets. They can assume that miners in a Proof of Work based crypto¬currency system will act rationally, that is, that they would act in a way to maximize and protect their long term profits by performing their role of transaction verification. They assume that a cartel of rational miners would not collude to perform double spending attacks as such attacks would cause reputational damage to the entire system.

They must therefore assume that in the Digix system which is the tri¬party system consisting of asset providing vendors, the asset custodian in charge of storing and securing the asset from theft, and the auditor in charge of ensuring the authenticity of the reported assets in custody are all acting in a rational manner who are trying to maximize their profits from the fees that they collect for their service.

Mitigating Potential Points of Failure with Real World Governance

Dishonest Entities and collusion in the chain of custody - Digix works with entities in jurisdictions that provide stringent regulatory oversight and corporate governance. The entities They have engaged with are either publicly listed or well known in the industry for providing their niche service. Each entity that They have engaged with performs a separate function to prevent cheating. For instance, the asset vendor for physical assets cannot also be the asset custodian.

The interest in the service has to be independent of one another. While the risk of collusion is a real possibility, it is at the cost of severe reputational and legal damages to the colluding participants. As these entities provide similar other services to other customers and such reputational and legal damages to their core business would be detrimental to their business, They can make a fair assumption that they will act in a rational manner.

Key Benefits

No centralised database management of Crypto Asset records - All chain of custody information is fully managed by the Ethereum blockchain. This blockchain ledger is immutable with data upload taking significantly less time than on the Bitcoin blockchain.

No Web¬based log¬in - There is no web form log¬in. Users will download desktop clients from Digix. The application itself can also be compiled from source on Github and is publicly auditable. 5 There is significantly less chance of a Man in the Middle attack compared to traditional user web¬based log¬in.

Secure Cold Storage of Crypto¬Assets - Digix’s Aegis Vaults is a cold storage wallet custodial service for crypto¬assets and crypto currencies on Ethereum.

Perpetual Existence of Digital Assets - All asset data is recorded on the blockchain and exists indefinitely. Even if Digix folds, every proof generated can be verified and are admissible in a court of law in the applicable jurisdiction.

Ex post facto Incentivization Mechanism - The Proof of Asset process requires that regular quarterly or more frequent audits to be performed by a 3rd party auditor on the entire collection of gold assets held at the custodian vaults. The auditor performs a complete audit of each gold bar which includes verification of its authenticity, weight, and physical examination to detect anomalies or defects.

The auditor submits a record on the Gold Registry contract for each and every single bar that has been audited, which contains an IPFS reference to a signed paper documentation, the auditor’s Ethereum identity, and a pass or fail result.

Digix receives its revenues through the collection of transaction fees paid in the form of Digix gold tokens. These tokens are held in an escrow contract which can only release the tokens to a specified address after the successful completion of a 3rd party audit.

Generic I/O Contracts and Ðapp Development Opportunities

The generic I/O contract provided at Digix allows developers to utilize PoA Asset Cards or Digix tokens for Ðapp development and event logging. Our vision is to create an ecosystem for developers to utilize DGX tokens as a framework for various Ðapp developments. Code samples will be provided on our Github.

Wealth Inheritance - Dead man’s switch can be built as a service to allow wealth to be passed on in the form of Crypto Assets to the mentioned Ethereum address under the Digix system.

Gamification - In legal jurisdictions, DGX tokens can be used like bitcoin to facilitate in game currency or as gaming tokens. The PoA protocol can also be used for the issuance of digital gaming assets.

Escrow - DGX tokens can provide a better and less volatile store of value for Escrow services on the blockchain.

Crowdfunding - A Ðapp can provide crowdfunding opportunities with crypto¬currencies and crypto-assets, or offer convertibility of cryptocurrencies to DGX tokens as a hedge to price volatility.

Gold Backed Crypto Currency Developments - Cryptocurrencies can stake a portion of its value with DGX Gold tokens and Gold Assets, backing its value with Gold.

Crypto Exchanges and Wealth Management Ðapps - When exchanges integrate DGX tokens as a cryptocurrency pair, they will be able to offer a gold hedge to cryptocurrencies as part of their service offering. Wealth management services that adjusts your cryptocurrency / crypto asset holdings can be developed to manage an individual’s crypto financial risk profile.

P2P Lending and Microfinance - Ðapps can utilize DGX Gold for peer to peer lending. A borrower can call for funding through a Ðapp based on his risk profile and reputation and negotiate a rate of return on the borrowed funds. Interest / yield payments can be serviced at regular intervals with a penalty system in place for late payments.

This has already been done with bitcoin , but due to the price volatility 8 of cryptocurrencies, lenders may lose more of their asset value than what can be earned from the interest during the period of the loan. The price stability of DGX Gold Tokens can facilitate the adoption rate of such services.

Collateral services - Privately held assets can be safely and efficiently used as collateral without going through lengthy verification process to ascertain an asset’s existence and authenticity.

The Team

The Digix stack is currently built by a company, DigixGlobal. Digix was their initial concept and they’re dedicated to building out the initial Digix technology, business partnerships and ultimately building governance tools for the DAO. At the point DigixDAO governance has been built DGD token holders will be able to vote on proposals that anyone can propose (not just DigixGlobal).

If anyone can be called veterans of the Ethereum space it’s the DigixGlobal team, in fact, Anthony Eufemio the CTO was the first person to send a transaction on the mainnet and Digix was the first ever DAO/ crowdfund on the Ethereum Network.

The leadership team consists of Kai Cheng (CEO), Anthony Eufemio (CTO) and Shaun Djie (Marketing / Business Dev). The larger team has ~ 10 people with >50% being technical employees (e.g. blockchain developers).

The team has close ties to the wider Ethereum ecosystem. They organise/sponsor regular local Ethereum meetups, are members of the EEA and have a lot of partnerships in place.

DigixGlobal is located in Singapore, this is a prime location for a cryptocurrency & gold based business. It benefits from a favourable regulatory environment, a relatively stable political environment (very important if you are holding physical gold) and excellent physical gold security standards.

Getting Started With DigixDao

Important Terms

Digix tokenizes gold on Ethereum.They leverage the Distributed Ledger for its immutability, transparency and auditability by applying it to precious physical assets.

Digix has created a range of technologies including The Proof of Provenance Protocol (POP) and Digix Gold Tokens (DGX) on Ethereum.

The Proof of Provenance Protocol

Digix has developed a system of proving asset existence and ownership on the distributed ledger. Every step of the way, records of proof are published permanently using Ethereum and IPFS.

PHYSICAL GOLD BULLION - Purchase bullion from LBMA refineries with accompanying Assay Certificates from refiners ranging from Valcambi, PAMP Suisse, Nadir Bullion.

THIRD PARTY AUDITING - An established auditor, Inspectorate Bureau Veritas, provides quarterly audits of every single Gold asset in our Safe House vaults. Established since 1828, they are a world leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification Services.

RECAST - Digix enables customers to take delivery of DGX at our partnering custodial vault.

PoP is a protocol that we have developed to track the movement of physical assets (gold in the case of DGX) through the change of hands, from the bullion supplier to the custodial vault in a transparent and cryptographically secure manner. PoP addresses the issue of proving the existence of the physical asset, the authenticity of its ownership and the security of its storage in the custodial vault.

It does this with private keys and documentations uploaded onto IPFS, a distributed file sharing database, and the blockchain.

Why did DigixDAO work?

It was impossible to predict the outcome of the world's first on-chain Ethereum crowdsale. Now it's complete, we wanted to share some insights into why it was a huge success.

A DECENTRALISED FUTURE - Our backers know that the future of Ethereum is bright. They know it's going to radically change the world for the better, and they know that this vision is quickly becoming a reality. Ethereum is the next generation of blockchain technology that allows Smart Contract to be easily deployed and interacted with.

There's a great deal of momentum and interest behind Ethereum, and we're seeing the very beginnings of a true technological revolution that's potentially more important than the internet itself.

At Digix, we understand the implications of this exciting new technology and intend to be among the first to harness it's wild potential. We believe the future economy is going to bring untold prosperity to society. We'll witness the disintermediation and optimisation of nearly every kind of social interaction.

DEMAND FOR STABILITY - In order to achieve this grand vision, Ethereum needs a unit of exchange that allows it's users to store value over time. This is where Digix Gold Tokens (DGX) come in.

DGX represents value on the blockchain that can be retained over time with relatively little volatility; giving it greater utility than Ether for a wide range of use-cases. Retail, Rentals, Salaries, Commerce, Lending, Wealth Management.

You'll even be able to use DGX to pay for your coffee using an NFC tap. DGX is in the Ethereum EIP20 format, which means it can be used seamlessly in future Ethereum contracts for literally anything. It can also be used as a basis for other tokens and financial instruments that have yet to be imagined.

The future for DGX is bright, and DGD allows us to share it's success with those who helped make it happen.

Digix Badge (DGB)

Digix Badge (DGB) tokens were given to some ICO investors if they invested enough. Proposer badge holders will be (after we implement governance) able to submit proposals for usage of crowdsale funds (466,648 Eth). If you don't have a badge and have a good idea, someone with a badge could propose it for you. There are 385 badges. See which addresses have them here: https://ethplorer.io/address/0x54bda709fed875224eae569bb6817d96ef7ed9ad#tab=tab-holders

You will not be able to participate in DigixDAO governance if you have your DGD held in an exchange.

In order to be an eligible participant, you have to lock up your DGD for that quarter period to be eligible for points for that quarter. Each quarter you will need to decide whether or not you want to participate in DigixDAO governance (and earn points towards rewards) or to make your DGD liquid for trading at an exchange. This is an important aspect for proper game theory mechanics.

Rewards can only be claimed upon active participation in proposal vetting and voting for the DigixDAO. They cannot be passively earned.

When we look at the crypto market, we can see that it’s full of volatility. Prices fluctuate daily if not hourly and we can never be certain about prices. We’re in a time when news effects our market more than ever and we’ve seen from the China regulations that we’re still fragile. When DGX launches, it will be the first ever stable token in the sphere that can guarantee a much more stable place to store your funds without the need to divest into FIAT.

Whenever a bear market hits, it will be as simple as turning your funds into DGX and waiting till you wish to re-enter. Whenever you want to secure profits, DGX will be there and by having a token which has a stable price, we enter a realm where projects can then use this crypto token in their own marketplaces.

For example, Augur is a decentralized prediction market but they rely on prices being stable so that if you make a prediction, you won’t lose money simply from allocating currency into the system. Augur could utilize DGX to guarantee prices and make the system much smoother and simpler without the risk of prices crashing and the prediction outcomes being worthless.

Of course the exceptional thing about this is that not only will it be used for hedging risk inside the crypto-sphere but it will also be a perfect method of purchasing gold, with minimal fees and a much safer process. When we combine these two sectors together, DGX is targeting a market that is absolutely massive and the potential to really propel itself as a key player in both industries is such a great factor. The thing with this is that, how can we as investors profit from this? Well there is a way.

The Investment: DGD

So we've experienced DGX and clarified it's expected capacity yet we as financial specialists might want to profit by the security of DGX and the measure of utilization that it could get later on. Gratefully, DGD enables us to profit massively as every one of the expenses gathered from purchasing/offering and putting away DGX will be disseminated among DGD holders.

As it as of now remains, there are 2,000,000 DGD tokens in presence and there are no plans for any all the more being made. When we take a gander at DGD we can see that if the DGX framework gets utilized, the market top for DGD can truly soar as an ever increasing number of financial specialists hope to benefit from the DGX capacities.

Could the cost per DGD increment as well as on a quarterly premise, the holders of DGD will get compensated in DGX from the expenses gathered and it's not hard to see the sheer request that DGX could collect. Beneath demonstrates some potential benefit insights that are taken from the White Paper:


Transaction volume per day: US$2,000,000

Volume of DGX sent per day: $2,000,000 / $1200 per troy ounce * 32.148 conversion to grams = 53580 grams of gold

Number of DGX Tokens allocated to DGD Token holders per day from transaction fees: 53580.00 grams * 0.1300% = 69.654 DGX tokens per day

All 2,000,000 DGD tokens in total will accrue 69.654 tokens (100%) per day in transaction fees. This means that if you own 100 DGD, you will receive 1.2 DGX per year and when we scale the volume with increased demand then we can see that not only will the price of DGD increase but so will dividend payouts.

At the present minute, Digix has a DAO of $120 Million USD in Ethereum and this cash is utilized in light of voting did by DGD holders, if an accord is met then the cash is apportioned to an utilization case. We can see however that on account of this cash sponsored in the DAO then Digix is really an exceptionally safe task to put resources into right now.

Since Digix has a $160 Million market top, the real venture doesn't have a high top at all since if there was ever to be an issue, DGD holders can exchange the DAO and convey so there is significantly less hazard included when contributing contrasted with different tasks.

By heading off to this connection, we can see the possessions in the DAO which is controlled through brilliant contracts. Since the group and the product is experiencing a third security review, it isn't long until the point when the commercial center and DGX will be discharged. We can expect a discharge date for this around October.

what is digixdao

It’s now time for the marketplaces release and I truly believe we will see large adoption of the DGX system as the crypto sphere cries out for the option of stability. With the DGX token we will see great benefits for several projects and this will be a great way to get many gold investors into cryptocurrencies.

I really look forward to seeing how the release goes and I encourage those interested to take a look at DGD which is available on various exchanges like bittrex at the moment if you wish to capitalize on the adoption of DGX.

How To Get A DigixDao Wallet?

DGX Tokens

what is digixdao

Since we know how the gold is secured, it's a great opportunity to make the DGX tokens. DGX tokens are made by a shrewd get that gets PoA cards and produces DGX tokens for every gram of gold. For instance, if a 100g PoA card is sent to the brilliant contract, 100 DGX tokens are made and sent to an Ethereum wallet. This implies Digix doesn't participate in fragmentary stores. Each DGX token dependably speaks to 1g of gold and is separable to 0.001g.

The DGX tokens accompany two arrangements of charges related with putting away and securing gold. There's a demurrage expense that turns out to be 0.60% yearly and furthermore a 0.13% exchange charge while exchanging DGX with an Ethereum wallet. Notwithstanding, Digix will wave the capacity expenses amid the main year of activity.

We'll talk about later how the DGX charges are passed onto DGD holders.

Rather than utilizing the PoA cards to create DGX tokens, the turn around process is additionally accessible. Recasting DGX tokens into PoA cards and afterward physical gold bars will cost you 1 DGX token. The gold bar you assert should likewise be a different of 100 grams and you can decide to either get your gold bar face to face or, contingent upon the nation, have it sent to you.

The DGX tokens are the core of the DigixDAO and plan to take care of two issues. They need to make it less demanding and less expensive to possess and sell gold resources while likewise giving truly necessary dependability to cryptographic forms of money. While not accessible for buy yet, the DGX tokens are relied upon to be discharged in the main quarter of 2018.

DGD Tokens

what is digixdao

Holders of DGD can vote on how the DigixDAO stores are dispensed. DGD token holders can make "dynamic administrative choices to any recommendations submitted to DigixDAO."

In any case, there's some disarray about the prizes for DGD holders who vet and support venture recommendations. The Digix Global FAQ says "every token prizes you with a customized offer of DigixDAO's exchange charge on Digix Gold, signified in DGX gold tokens."

There are likewise plans to incorporate the "demurrage expenses as a component of the discount structure to DGD token holders."

The FAQ likewise says for "support on recommendations, there will be a reward with DGX tokens."

In any case, in February 2018 the Digix group posted on Medium "we might want to stress assist that DGD don't give 'automated revenue', nor 'profits', 'rights to benefits of the commission of DGX exchanged.'"

The post specifies rather you can get Digix rewards, for example, "DGX rebates or discounts."

It's misty right now how much the discounts will be worth as far as acquiring DGX. What is clear, paying little heed to what the prizes wind up being, is they are not gotten inactively and must be asserted quarterly. After the DGX tokens are propelled, there will be additional data on how DGD holders can begin voting in the DGD administration and get their prizes.

Set Up Ledger Wallet

For interaction with the market, you will need to install Ethereum on the Ledger Client.


Step 1: Connect your Ledger Nano S wallet to your PC

Step 2: Key in your pin to unlock the device

Step 3: Under Store > Applications, install Ethereum to the latest version

what is digixdao

Once the installation is done, you will need to enable Browser Support, for the use of Ledger in the market place.

Please see the link and instructions on how to do so here: https://support.ledgerwallet.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005198565-What-is-the-Browser-support-option-made-for-

Wallets Can Hold both DGX and DGD Tokens

You can use any Ethereum wallets that let you add custom ERC20 (Ethereum token standard) tokens, such as MyCrypto which provides an interface to the Ethereum blockchain and the imToken wallet app.

DigixDao Markets

what is digixdao

DigixDao Resources

Useful Videos

How To Buy DigixDao?

The DigixDAO digital money coins offer gold on the Ethereum blockchain. The organization utilizes the blockchain straightforwardness, unchangeability, and consistency by applying it to valuable resources that are physical. Digix has made advances, for example, POA (evidence of-benefit convention) and Digix-Gold-Coins (the DigixDAO coin) on the Ethereum blockchain.

It was propelled at some point in March 2016. After it completed its first group deal on the Ethereum blockchain, it surpassed desires by gathering $5.5 million inside 24hrs. This was the start of the adventure for the Digix DAO venture and the primary major Ethereum Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Starting at now, Digix has made two sorts of Ethereum tokens which have one of a kind properties. In spite of the fact that they are extraordinary, the coins additionally supplement each other to guarantee the achievement of the stage. The DGX coin is to wind up the eventual fate of best quality level as an estimation of trade on the Ethereum organize. Each coin held is 1 gram of 99.99% of standard gold and is saved and secured in a protected place.

The DSG, then again, is a reward for clients quarterly in view of the aggregate number of DGX tokens they've gathered through exchange charges. The tokens are additionally used to submit proposition to DigixDAO to build the DGX selection.

DigixDAO is currently listed on a lot of exchanges with its highest volume being carried out on the Binance Exchange.

The following steps will guide you on how to purchase the DGD on the Binance platform.

You Need To Be Registered On The Binance Platform

Fund Your Account With ETH

Buy DGD With Ethereum

After this step, you should have a certain number of DGD in your Binance account. To check them, click on the ‘Funds’ button and then click ‘ Balances’

what is digixdao

Where To Spend DigixDao?

Token Sale / Funding

On 30th March 2016 DigixGlobal conducted the first ever ICO on the Ethereum network, they raised $5,500,000, all in ETH. At the time ETH was valued at $11.88. DigixGlobal have not spent a single ETH and have committed to not spending any until they have built governance for DigixDAO. At which point they will only be able to access the ETH if a proposal they submit is voted for by DGD holders.

DigixDAO has benefited from the large price rise in Ether, the account currently holds the 21st most Ether of all accounts. DigixDAO holds 466,648 ETH which equates to just under 0.5% of the total Ether supply and is worth $317,320,640 at the time of writing (ETH = $680). In short once governance has been built DGD holders will have a huge war chest to spend on proposals.

External Funding

In November 2017 DigixGlobal received equity venture funding from Global Brain and Fenbushi Capital. They raised $1.3M, the investors did not receive any DGD or DGX.

Funding Key Stats

Advantages / Pros

Risks / Cons

Latest DigixDao News

DGX is now available to trade on Tokenlon Decentralized Exchange by imToken 2.0

what is digixdao

Digix is proud to announce that users can now purchase DGX on the mobile using the imToken mobile wallet app. One of imToken’s core functionalities is Tokenlon, an in-app decentralised exchange that allows seamless trading using features such as the Instant Exchange function. Given high mobile penetration and connectivity today, this is timely in deepening the access and reach of digital gold to blockchain enthusiasts.

DGX is an ERC-20 token that was launched in April 2018 by Digix. It represents physical gold on a proportional basis, with 1 token representing 1g of gold bullion from London Bullion Market Association-approved refiners.

DGX tokens are issued and minted through a suite of proprietary smart contracts that Digix has developed, called the Proof of Provenance (PoP) protocol. The PoP is an on-chain asset and supply chain management system which utilises Ethereum and IPFS, tracking the movement of the asset (gold in the primary use case) from the vendor to the independent third party custodial vault that Digix works with in Singapore.

Only upon the delivery of the gold bullion to the custodial vault are DGX tokens issued and minted on the Ethereum blockchain. This ensures that there is always a total weight of gold in the vault equivalent to the total supply of DGX tokens. The gold bullion is subject to verifications at the point of deposit, as well as at quarterly and annual audits by independent auditors.

DGX tokens can be recast for redemption of physical gold cast bars in Singapore, in denominations of 100g and 1kg.

Digix aims to create a stablecoin that is backed by a real world asset that can effectively hedge against the price volatility of the cryptocurrency world.

With DGX now available through Tokenlon, Tokenlon offers a complete experience for users who can buy digital gold on the mobile using a trustless intermediary.

Not only can users buy DGX on Tokenlon directly, but also within any DApp that leverages Tokenlon’s open SDK. For a DApp to be able to leverage this feature, developers simply integrate the open Tokenlon SDK within their app.

what is digixdao

About imToken

imToken is the world’s largest Ethereum digital asset wallet, with currently over 2 millions users worldwide, access to 30,000 tokens and internationally recognized security features as a digital asset management tool.

Soon, imToken is going to publish their milestone version of imToken 2.0 International, with newly introduced features such as digital identity, multi-chain wallet backup, Tokenlon, Cold Wallet and DApp browser, bringing to you a truly holistic blockchain experience.

About Digix

Digix is an asset tokenisation platform on Ethereum, with physical gold on the Ethereum blockchain being its first use case.

Digix created the Proof of Provenance Protocol (PoP) to track physical assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Currently, the entire asset explorer of gold bullion is publicly accessible by anyone on the Digix Marketplace.