Apirone.com is the simplest and one of the most convenient services of processing with SegWit.

Accept bitcoin payments on your site, online business, ICO, integrate them into retail and the banking services.

Feel free to try Apirone.com, because:

  • Payments forward directly into your bitcoin wallet
  • No KYC/documentation necessary
  • Fixed Fee 0.0002 Btc
  • White label processing
  • Around the world
  • Callback to TOR network
  • Unlimited count of your requests

Apirone.com was the first to make a payment forwarding with the application of the SegWit technology!
As the destination address, you can indicate any type of bitcoin addresses that exists at the moment:

  1. Standard addresses starting with "1" (P2PKH);
  2. Pay to Script Hash addresses with the SegWit support (P2SH-P2WPKH), starting with "3";
  3. As well as new SegWit addresses starting with "bc" (P2WPKH).

Transactions with a SegWit-signature are added to the blocks with a priority, and the network commission is much lower in this case, which, as a result, helps the sender of a transaction to save time and money on sending the payment.

By default, the service generates a P2SH-P2WPKH address with the SegWit support for the payments. Both old and modern bitcoin wallets can use such addresses. The service uses exactly this type of address because at the moment only about 20% of net members support the SegWit, and there is an extremely small number of wallets that support the QR-code recognition and effect payments on the native SegWit addresses.

As a matter of convenience, Apirone.com uses a GET-request to confirm a payment. In this case, there are no conflicts with the security policies of different stores or other access problems (for example, restrictions on POST-requests from external resources).

Start accepting bitcoins today!