Blockonomics provides permissionless tools for a decentralized world. Our services enhance the wallets you already own. Accept Bitcoin directly. Invoice anonymously. Be your own bank.

Wallet Watcher

The Wallet Watcher can be used to safely monitor single addresses, an entire HD wallet, or multiple HD wallets! Group addresses using tags in any combination you like to see the total value and combined transation histories. The dashboard shows a quick overview of balances classified by each tag. Balance is shown in BTC as well as the currency of your choice. Our Wallet Watcher supports monitoring HD wallets using their extended public key (xpub). Account discovery follows BIP 32 guidelines. Users can get human-friendly email and push notifications of new transactions.


Our API provides an automated way to fetch balances and the transaction history of a single/group of addresses. The Payments API can be used to generate new receiving addreses (using xpubs) and to get browser side websocket notifications of transactions. HTTP callbacks are provided to get server side payment notifications.

Merchant Services

Blockonomics helps websites accept bitcoin directly into their own, existing wallets. Following our decentralized philosophy, we never have access to any of your private keys, nor do we forward payments from temporary ones under our control. Supported HD wallets include Mycelium, Airbitz, Trezor, Ledger, Electrum and more.

For freelancers, contractors, and other independent merchants we provide a Peer-to-Peer Invoicing service. Using this one can get paid in bitcoin and invoice in any fiat currency. The price is adjusted dynamically and the invoice is encrypted in your browser, meaning only you and whomever you share the invoice link with can view its contents. By design, Blockonomics can not see any of the data you enter.

Blockonomics Team


Shiva S Shiva has experience of around 10 years in designing and implementing efficient distributed backend systems. He is a good python c/c++ developer with strong understanding of linux / system internals and mathematics. He got interested in bitcoin as early as 2013 and dabbled in bitcoin visualization projects before venturing into Blockonomics.


Srinivas S Srinivas is an experienced frontend/backend developer. He has worked on medical image visualization for large scale data sets. Has done research for visualization techniques to display block chain information to non technical people. Worked on building quick and responsive APIs for accessing block chain information.


Patrick PPatrick has several years of experience with merchant integration techniques and in the testing of various Bitcoin wallets and related apps. He has also done customer service for the Bitcoin ATM industry. His knowledge has been relied upon for multiple articles. He volunteers locally for the Colorado Bitcoin Network.