About WeUseCoins

WeUseCoins (WUC) is a website dedicated to making Bitcoin more accessible to beginners. It is owned by BF Labs, Inc (Butterfly Labs) and managed by a small team that includes many volunteers from across the Bitcoin community.

Our listings

Most changes to the website start with an email to info@weusecoins.com. For businesses who want to get listed we make an initial basic review to remove the least valuable listings. However, we do not endorse any particular listing. Our resources are limited, so we cannot make any guarantees about any sites listed.


WUC started in 2010, with Bitcoin community members pooling their money to put up a reward for anyone who could make an animated short film explaining Bitcoin. A small team consisting of Fabian Rühle, Chris Rice, Christian Barth and Stefan Thomas created the WeUseCoins video and website, but almost a hundred people provided their input in the form of feedback, recommendations, and ideas. The final draft of the script was reviewed by Bitcoin developers Gavin Andresen and Mike Hearn for technical accuracy. After the video went online, 9052 BTC (about 7000 USD at the time) was paid out in the spirit of covering the expenses for the video as well as a short-lived marketing fund.

Subsequently, WUC was purchased by BF Labs, Inc, who have continued operating WUC as a non-commercial bitcoin community site. BF Labs also self-funded a new video that, based on input from bitcoin community members, de-emphasized the role of bitcoin mining in the bitcoin infrastructure.

The Team

Direct Contributors:

Stefan Thomas - Founder

Jon Holmquist - Public Relations, Support

Jeff Ownby – Project Management, Video Script

Fabian Ruhle – Project Management, Video Script, Animation

Saïvann Carignan – Key Advisor, Multilingual Website Translation


Chris Rice - Voice

Fabian Rühle - Motion Graphics

Christian Barth - Music

Andrew Mottl - Sound Design/Mastering

Special Thanks.