BlockTrail provides secure bitcoin infrastructure for developers and enterprises, enabling advanced transaction functionality and access to refined economic data-sets.

Founded in 2014 and based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, BlockTrail is dedicated to delivering better tools for the bitcoin economy. To help further this mission we offer three exciting products: BlockTrail Webwallet, Block Explorer and API.


BlockTrail provides a webwallet with distinguishing features such as hierarchical deterministic (HD) capabilities, sub-wallets and multi signature security by default. When users create a BlockTrail webwallet, they automatically generate three key seeds in their browser, of which two are required to send funds. Two of the keys are kept by the user while the third key is held by BlockTrail, which uses it to co-sign transactions. The keys generated by users are handed as a PDF file, which users can optionally choose to store offline. The two seeds held on the file can restore any funds the wallet will hold, as well as any address it will ever generate.

Block Explorer

We also absolutely love our block explorer; allowing any user to view realtime and historical data on bitcoin addresses, transactions and economy. Additionally, we allow for search via QR code, social address mentions and to top it all off you can bookmark any addresses.


This brings us to our API development platform product. For the developers out there interested in creating their own app with bitcoin integration, we offer our easy-to-use SDK in your favorite programming languages. We also provide extensive documentation that covers all the API endpoints, details of the SDK usage for each language, and explains the technical features our API offers you.

BlockTrail Team

Boaz Bechar, CEO

Boaz is an entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in leading tech startups. Boaz previously cofounded consumer telecom service PokeTALK (acquired by, as well as services and products for telecom, analytics and fraud detection.

Ruben De Vries, CTO

Previously co-founded, a platform for bitcoin information (now a part of BlockTrail). Previously development team leader at Hyves/TMG, Netherlands largest social network and media platforms.

Jop Hartog, VP Business Development

Previously co-founded, a platform for bitcoin information (now a part of BlockTrail). Jop has been a part of the Bitcoin community since 2010 and now leads BlockTrail’s community and business development.

Alejandro De La Torre, Business Development

Previously founder of SendChat, a digital currency messaging app(acquired by BlockTrail May 2015). Alejandro brings entrepreneurial experience and practical understanding of how to apply blockchain technology in business settings.

Sarah Foster, Expansion

Sarah has 5 + years of early stage startup experience. Her first startup was Vertica (acquired by HP) where she helped build and grow its ecosystem of partners. In her latest role at Solano Labs she was responsible for sales, marketing & business development strategy and execution.

Oisin Akiboye Conolly, Core Developer

Oisin was a freelance at OAC Designs, specialising in systems development, graphic design, and photography. Prior to that he was the IT Manager and lead software developer fot StG, a global speciality gas mixtures company based in the UK.

Geoff Bolton, CFO

International finance and business development expert, focusing on FX markets, technology-centric hedge funds and asset management.