Isle of Man - Blockchain cluster expansion!

A powerful Blockchain cluster has emerged with some dynamic start-ups in the Isle of Man!

In recent years the Isle of Man has seen the development of business clusters emerging from different sectors, such as Financial Services and Aerospace. In addition we have the Isle of Man Biomed Cluster which brings together a wide range of companies in the medical science industry, including clinical drug development and the manufacturing of medical devices. This cluster effect creates a formidable peer group of experts that can share their combined knowledge, expertise and resources to the overall economic benefit of the Isle of Man.

The recent surge in crypto 2.0 businesses is clear evidence that an Isle of Man blockchain cluster is also on its way!

I have been working with various companies in this highly innovative sector to ensure that they have the support and assistance needed to get started on the Isle of Man. Pythia Limited is an innovative start-up behind a brand new crypto currency developed in the Isle of Man by Nick Williamson and his team of highly regarded digital currency leaders. With innovations such as their reimagined “Proof of Stake” consensus protocol they are receiving global interest from the e-Gaming industry. Our Department has helped Nick and his industry colleagues by creating the most appropriate regulatory and business support environment for these dynamic businesses to thrive.

I’ve also been working with Eva Plexus Limited, owned and founded by Gareth Jenkins who is building a suite of technologies and games in the Isle of Man as well as its supporting platform. The Deckbound systems allow for the creation of digital collectible trading cards that are directly owned by players. Deckbound also solves the problem of guaranteed unique and provable card distribution by leveraging the cryptographic properties of the blockchain.

Prypto, a local Isle of Man company in the Crypto space is changing the face of the industry by offering a range of digital currency cards using the traditional “scratch card” format for specific use in the digital currency world. This company was established in 2014 to enhance and expand the crypto currency marketplace of today. Through its products it offers consumers a simple, effective method of obtaining crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. Prypto solutions include over the counter products such as crypto scratch cards, gift cards and Bitcoin starter packs in addition to online products in the form of Digital Prypto Codes.

By introducing them to the world of crypto currencies through products that they are already familiar with the company wants to educate consumers and break down some of the barriers and concerns that many of them may have about using products such as Bitcoin. This stream of innovation is already changing the face of consumer acceptance and adoption in the retail space where consumers on the Isle of Man can now use digital currency to access products and services - for example in a local pub, a coffee shop or even a taxi service!

Written by Brian Donegan on March 26, 2015.