Jacob Dienelt - Treasurer, Factom Foundation

Position: Treasurer, Factom Foundation

Education: Bsc. in Game Theory from Kenyon College

Website: http://jacobdienelt.com/

Twitter: @jakedienelt

Jacob Dienelt is a Treasury Operations Expert, and is currently Treasurer of The Factom Foundation and a Blockchain Architect at itBit. Jacob is also the founder of Immutable Data Partners, and advisor for several leading projects.


He graduated from Kenyon College where he majored in Game Theory and has been involved with the Bitcoin industry since 2013. His professional career includes 8 years at Morgan Stanley where he worked on a Future Specialists desk, prior to this Jacob was conducting REIT analysis for a real estate management firm for two years before being recruited by Morgan Stanley in New York. He brings his deep knowledge of the Bitcoin industry after traveling to Conferences, meeting with Central Bankers, advising bitcoin mining companies, and actively trading Bitcoins.

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