Jeff Garzik - Co-founder, Bloq

Jeff Garzik

Position: Co-founder, Bloq

Education: B.S. in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology


GitHub: @jgarzik

Jeff Garzik is a Bitcoin core developer, CEO of Dunvegan Space Systems, Inc., and the Co-founder of Bloq. He serves on Coin Center’s Board of Directors, and is an advisor to BitPay, BitFury, Chain, WayPaver Labs, and Netki.


Garzik worked as Bitcoin Core developer sponsored by BitPay from May 2013 until December 2014. He currently serves on the BitPay Advisory Board.


After leaving BitPay, Garzik founded Bloq in October 2015. According to Bloq’s website, it “delivers enterprise grade blockchain technology to leading companies worldwide”.

Bitcoin Classic

Bitcoin Classic is an alternative implementation of Bitcoin that attempted a hard fork. Garzik is listed as a developer on Bitcoin Classic’s website, but hasn’t submitted any code publicly aside from a pull request to change the hard for activation threshold.

BIP 100

Garzik proposed BIP 100, and it initially received positive feedback from miners. No supporting code was released after it became clear that it was unlikely to be adopted.

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