Richard Sanders - Lead Investigator

Richard Sanders

Position: Lead Investigator


Twitter: @Raindropactual

Army veteran turned cryptocurrency cybercrime investigator in an industry that desperately lacked methodology and personnel focused on fighting fraud.

He holds certifates such as Harvard Business School Extension CORe, Certified Bitcoin Professional, Chainalysis Reactor Certified, and Certified Blockchain and Law Professional -- but what is more relevant is he is "writing the book" for training that is relevant to what he does, as such training doesn't yet exist.

He is seen as a subject-matter expert by the FBI (and numerous other law enforcement/regulatory agencies) and at the “top of the Rolodex” for Special Agents who have questions concerning blockchain-related cybercrime.

Richard prides himself on a very strong working relationship with the FBI and sees the opportunity to help law enforcement and the government with this new technology as a blessing.

He was the lead investigator for dozens of cryptocurrency scams and hacks, most notably a SIM swapping ring with many arrests in 2018.

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