About SaferVPN

SaferVPN SaferVPN is a leading, premium VPN service providing complete Internet freedom and privacy to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

SaferVPN was founded in 2013 by security experts and has been focusing on privacy and anonymity for our users ever since.


At SaferVPN, we aim to provide secure, private and uncensored internet to anyone, anywhere. As Internet freedom fighters, we’ve successfully established ground-breaking collaborations with global NGOs and free speech activists living in highly censored countries, for example Unblock The Web.


We believe that online securiy and privacy are some of the major emerging issues of the 21st century and they are even more essential for cryptocurrency users due to increased risks. That’s why we strive to provide a quality VPN to make the online world more private and secure.

SaferVPN offers all We Use Coins readers a free trial of the VPN service.