Video - Bitcoin Q and A Unstoppable code

Governance and and the market share of Bitcoin. It drops in a cyclical way when people become temporarily disillusioned and overwhelm other altcoins with exuberant attention they weren't really prepared for. When the spotlight shifts onto you, that's when you can't stumble. The adversarial attitude between cryptocurrencies. They all benefit from specialising to niches of trade-offs and design decisions in the ecosystem.

Even failed experiments help evolution and teach us something. Being resistant to change is a differential feature, because it makes it robust against takeover. Even Bitcoin's own developers and miners can't force change from the inside. Bitcoin was designed to say 'unless everyone agrees, we're not changing a thing.'

Political propaganda, economic, electrical, network-based attacks are always coming when it becomes this important to the world. "Unstoppable code" is for something that someone is trying to stop. "The only things worth printing are what somebody is trying to suppress; everything else is advertising / public relations." Silk Road, black market.

PR disaster to Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, who will start saying "the technology behind Ethereum: smart contracts!" just as they did with Bitcoin. Trial by fire. Bitcoin is surviving because it can't be changed, because it is the unstoppable code.


Written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos on June 22, 2017.