Video - Bitcoin Q and A How to Get People to Care About Security

When will this technology be applied to political and social domains beyond trust applications in the financial sector? It will take a lot of time, because this technology will take a long time to mature. Before you see it applied in the political sphere, it has to first work in the financial sphere.

One of the promising things we've seen with Bitcoin is that people who didn't care about security, who set their passwords to 'Password1234,' now do care, because they hold some bitcoins on their smartphone. Suddenly, infosec becomes an interest for them.

Before you go and use this technology to vote, you have to take the security seriously. If someone can steal your vote, but you don't particularly care about your vote, you're not going to keep the keys safe or maintain a backup. If it has your money, it's probably going to be your most secure device, or even use a hardware wallet. We will see the social applications once enough people care about their security.


Written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos on April 13, 2017.