Video - Bitcoin Q and A The Oxymoron of National Blockchains

National cryptocurrencies/ blockchains, limited to a national territory, are contradictions of the system. Freedom of speech does not mean you can force people to listen; when you speak, sometimes what you say is boring. You don't get a guarantee of an audience, you only have the right to say something.

If governments want to create national blockchains, they are engaging in boring speech that ignores the realities of borderless, open alternative that exists. If you take this technology and try to wrap it in restrictions, it is not open-innovation, open-access, censorship-resistant, or neutral -- it is business as usual. We already have digital money like that; over 92% of all money in circulation is digital and stored in someone else's database.


Written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos on December 6, 2016.