Video - Bitcoin Q and A When Will the Scare Stories Stop

What do you anticipate the response of the system will be to the true immutability and decentralisation of the blockchain? We are still in a period of confusion; unpredictable and broad-ranging societal implications are difficult to swallow. If you read the media stories about the internet from 1992 through the mid-2000s, it's scare story after scare story.

At some point all of that stops because everyone who already sees the value is using it and they don't listen to those stories anymore because they see that the reality is different. As these technologies become mainstream, things aren't always going to go well but over time people are going to see that it gives them better outcomes. That's going to happen in countries where the rule of law, the system of government, and the system of banking are all indistinguishable from organised crime.


Written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos on March 16, 2017.