Blockpath is a professional accounting platform with several unique features and integrations to simplify working with blockchain data.

The most popular features are the interactive graphical block explorer, privacy tax prep, and the first QuickBooks App integration to sync Bitcoin transactions and capital gains into QuickBooks Online.

Blockpath fully supports bech32 address formats and xPub/yPub/zPub extended public key formats.

Wallet Watcher

A watch-only wallet for tracking your Bitcoins. The wallet supports adding multiple addresses and/or extended public keys, sorting them into different accounts, and custom labeling of each address. The Overview tab shows the summary and transactions, and can be quickly filtered by account or inputs/outputs.

Blockpath is one of the only tools that allows transaction values to be displayed as the historical fiat value at the time of transaction, or in the current fiat value. Additionally, the value shown for each transaction is the sum of all the user’s addresses in the transaction.

The watch-only wallet can be saved locally on the user’s device, or on Blockpath’s servers. Furthermore, the data can be protected with AES password encryption performed locally on the user’s device.

QuickBooks Sync

Blockpath can connect a QuickBooks Online account and automatically sync your Bitcoin transactions and capital gains reports into QuickBooks. Assign each of your addresses to a QuickBooks account to organize transactions, and view the cumulative balance and value in your home currency with current exchange rates synced with QuickBooks each day.

Blockpath also includes a reconciliation tool that compares QuickBooks data against actual Blockchain data to ensure your accounts are accurate. Any missing transactions can be automatically repaired with the tool.

Tax Prep

This tool handles all crypto currencies, over 120 exchanges, and unlimited trades, with a focus on privacy: all the tax calculations and data sourcing occurs directly in your browser! None of your trade history, API exchange keys, or tax reports ever touch Blockpath’s servers.

Other Tools

Blockpath has a long list of other useful tools, including:

  • A Graphical Block Explorer
  • xPub Analyzer and Scanning Tool
  • Email Transaction Notifications
  • Export Transactions to Excel
  • Currency Converter
  • ... and many more!


Blockpath was founded by Matthew Ewald in 2015.