About Cryptohippie

Cryptohippie, Inc. is a market leading provider of professional-level VPN protection.

Cryptohippie (a suite of companies) was formed in 2007 through the acquisition of MeshMX, Diclave, and Roque Holdings - all of which were little-known but highly regarded providers of superior privacy enhancing technologies. We were the first to provide VPN-based privacy protection services to the market, beginning in early 2003. Cryptohippie’s management and development teams are composed of seasoned professionals with long experience both in running enterprise-grade secure networks and operating businesses in the privacy market.


Cryptohippie’s mission is to protect individuality and privacy on the Internet – to prevent all transgressions against privacy, from whatever source. This is much more than pretty talk for us. Every person on our management team has a successful professional life outside of Cryptohippie. We do not have to do this – we do it because it matters.


We believe that human beings should live by reason, as individuals, with integrity, and with passion. Privacy allows that. Furthermore, we demand of our clients what we demand of ourselves: To demonstrate honesty and to show respect for the dignity of man, privacy, and for sound economic principles. All others need not apply.

Cryptohippie has offered all We Use Coins readers a free trial of their privacy service