Eric Lombrozo - Co-CEO, Ciphrex

Eric Lombrozo

Position: Co-CEO, Ciphrex

GitHub: @CodeShark

Eric Lombrozo is the Co-CEO and Co-founder of Ciphrex, and a Bitcoin Core developer. Previously, he worked on other Bitcoin-related projects like CoinSurge and RingCoin.


Lombrozo founded Ciphrex with his father, Enrique, in 2013. Together they built the company’s Bitcoin wallet, mSIGNA, which supports offline and multisignature transactions.


On increasing Bitcoin’s block size:

As far as the block size itself, I don’t think there was much issue with bigger blocks. I don’t think many of the Core developers actually said, ‘No, we should never have bigger blocks.’ I think, for the most part, the idea of having bigger blocks is something that is appealing. We should find a way to have bigger blocks; we all want bigger blocks. But just increasing the blocks by changing a constant in the code presents a lot of very, very serious problems.

On Satoshi Nakamoto:

Satoshi Nakamoto (Bitcoin’s pseudonymous inventor) deserves serious respect for having solved a major problem with computer networks—namely, how to use decentralized consensus to create a trustless peer-to-peer money transfer system. It is very admirable that he was able to implement the idea and prove it out. That has assured him a place in history.

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