Peter Todd - Bitcoin Core Developer

Peter Todd

Position: Bitcoin Core Developer


Twitter: @petertoddbtc

GitHub: @petertodd

Peter Todd is a Bitcoin Core developer, and an advisor to Coinkite.

Bitcoin Core

Todd submitted his first bit of code to Bitcoin Core in April 2012, and today is #11 in terms of total commits to Core’s GitHub repo.



BIP 65 added “a new opcode (OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY) for the Bitcoin scripting system that allows a transaction output to be made unspendable until some point in the future.”

In simpler terms, OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY allows you to send money that cannot be spent until a specified future date.

Opt-in Full Replace-by-Fee Signaling (BIP 125)

BIP 125 explained opt-in full-RBF. Transaction fees are rising and opt-in full-RBF allows senders with stuck transactions to send a new transaction with a higher fee. Opt-in RBF was merged in Bitcoin Core version 0.12.

BIP 63

A BIP by Todd titled “Stealth Addresses” has been assigned BIP #63 but has yet to be published.

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