LocalBitcoins Review

LocalBitcoins Review

LocalBitcoins have been available for such quite a while. The site is an area to meet as well as to exchange Bitcoins, for both purchasers and dealers around the globe.

It is tantamount to Craigslist as to exchanging Bitcoin. You will discover various bitcoin aspects in this article and this will provide directions also on the methods for picking a secure exchange in the website.

LocalBitcoins Approved Payment Methods

LocalBitcoins dealers or purchasers utilize diverse payment methods. The fundamental ones are named below:

  • Paypal
  • Webmoney
  • Western Union
  • Wire exchange
  • COD or Cash on Delivery
  • Cash via mail

Since you’re purchasing and selling to individual people, a credit card cannot be utilized. The Paypal alternative though can be utilized to pay via your credit card during instances where you don’t have Paypal balance.

Various fees are necessary to pay which depends on the payment method you have chosen. One specific example is during Paypal usage to purchase LocalBitcoins that gives the seller a considerably more risk.


The reason is primarily because Bitcoin isn’t a typical digital or physical commodity you can buy online. It is to some degree a type of money and an untraceable one somehow. That is the primary reason why several credit card organizations (i.e. Paypal) cannot ensure Bitcoin exchanges offering BTC via credit card purchases.

The typical way for having the best cost to purchase Bitcoin is utilizing Wire Transfers or Cash Deposits wherein it’s hard to have your payment reversed.

Exchange Fees

If your intention is just to buy Bitcoins, then you can freely utilize LocalBitcoins. The website only takes one percent (1%) commission taken from the sellers. However, one should remember that when the BTC are in your own account already, a payment for the Basic network fees is gonna be required so that you store your money in your personal Bitcoin wallet.

It’s highly advised not to keep your Bitcoins around in a LocalBitcoin’s wallet but transfer it as soon as possible to your own Bitcoin wallet.

The vendors can have the transaction charge for free as well, however they will have to pay for bigger amount of exchange rates, therefore you might as well take note of this when having a trade.

Secure Trading

Various measures are utilized in LocalBitcoins in order to have a secure and safe trading:

  • Reputation framework – All trader has a notoriety rank and also an open history records showing their past activities.
  • Escrow – Upon an exchange, the cash you sent are kept on the escrow administration of LocalBitcoins. They’re discharged just upon the vender's affirmation of a successful exchange.
  • 2FA – which means two factor authentication enables anyone to avoid their accounts being hacked through having an extra PIN CODE being sent to your mobile at whatever point you sign in to your own account. This process should be personally enabled since it’s not enabled readily.
  • Login protect – It is utilized to confirm that you’re just simply using a similar web browser after signing in. If it’s a different web browser, email authentication is needed.
  • Support and conflict resolution– For occasions when a client has inquiries and issues, LocalBitcoins gives a customer support team for the purpose of answering and resolving these things that may happen in between buyers and sellers.

Community Opinion about LocalBitcoins

When I tried to check Bitcoin’s major community group like Reddit and Bitcointalk, you can observe various opinions regarding LocalBitcoins. However, to sum up what I’ve read from the fifteen reviews (15) and more, similar things were coined by most individuals; that its platform is considered awesome but we cannot make certain of the general population. One remark in Redditor mentioned that exchanges are as dependable as the individual you’re having deals with.

That’s the purpose why I will show you how to safely and securely do exchanges on the platform.

Ways for you to Avoid Scam while Trading in LocalBitcoins.

Despite the fact that LocalBitcoins is considered a great platform, the dealers are not very great. Since you’re exchanging with individuals, you need to practice the correct safety measures. These are good approaches to lead you in exchanging securely.

Picking Your Seller

Moreover, a demand to buy Bitcoins ought to be stayed away from since it will simply draw in numerous scammers. Try to search instead for dealers who are offering Bitcoins effectively for they are presumably more genuine.

Check the seller’s profile and verify if he or she is suitable for the criteria listed below:

  • Past transactions involving more than 100 BTC in his whole lifetime however with 100 exchanges as least also
  • Has at least a 98% rating score at least
  • His account has been around for a year or more
  • Regarded as verified merchant (company account ,phone number, email
  • There's no less than ten individuals who considers him trustworthy

In the event that you can take after these criteria then you’ll most likely be incredible. Given the situation wherein you can’t find a seller that suits all the given criteria mentioned, then search for the following best alternative. The idea is simply doing an intensive investigation and making sure that the merchant has a lot of outstanding trades that were totally completed before.

From that point onward, inspect through the LocalBitcoins' discussion and then check the seller’s username. In the event that any issues come up, you'll most positively read it there. Or else, you would have found yourself a seller now.

Corresponding With The Seller

Make and send a message to a seller to ask for an exchange and wait patiently for their response.


  • Send more of your details before you are able to receive a reply from the seller.
  • Permit having a trade with a seller that’s beyond the Localbitcoins scope because their escrow service won’t be able to protect you.
  • Give out your payment information in other ways besides the LocalBitcoins message box. Try to avoid sending emails, having phone calls as well as text messages. Only the Localbitcoin’s interface should be solely utilized.
  • The moment you have sent your payment already, that’s the time you tick payment as made or done, because if not, you’ll be probably denied from the exchange.

Presently, you simply need to sit tight for the BTC to appear in your own LocalBitcoins account. In the event that there's any issue, try to solve it first together with the dealer. You shouldn't stress over the possibility of losing your cash, if you have just utilized the LocalBitcoins' framework then you are protected by the escrow service.

Observe that in the event that you are totally unfamiliar to LocalBitcoins, there's a major possibility for "power sellers" to deny you exchange with them since you don't have sufficient feedback yet. It implies that you need to do two or three little exchanges with a not all that dependable merchant first keeping in mind the end goal is for feedback raising and have the capacity to execute with the profoundly respectable ones.

Therefore, those are some points you basically have to remember to securely utilize Localbitcoins. Simply take after the steps and you’ll 99% percent avoid scams. For any added inquiries, simply go to the LocalBitcoin’s FAQ page.. I wish you luck!

Written by Melvin Draupnir on June 2, 2017.