Michael Perklin

Michael Perklin

Twitter: @mperklin

I am a cybersecurity expert who has worked for over a decade in the information security space. In the past I’ve held positions as a cyber investigator, a digital-forensic investigator, a reverse engineer, an application tester, and a computer programmer.

C4 is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to standards and certifications in the cryptocurrency industry. We worked with many leaders in our industry to categorize the knowledge every bitcoin professional should have and wrote exam questions to test for that knowledge. The result was a heavily peer-reviewed exam that allows you to earn a professional certification: Certified Bitcoin Professional.

I am also a director of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada, a non-profit organization that promotes, educates, and protects bitcoin in Canada. You may have seen video of me speaking to the Canadian Senate about bitcoin in the same hearings that brought Andreas M. Antonopoulos to Canada.


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