The Best Bitcoin Exchanges

best bitcoin exchanges

Looking for a best and perfect Bitcoin exchange is never a piece of cake. Any idea why? The reason is as simple as because most of the best Bitcoin buying websites have just been online recent. This basically means that it is not easy for them to spread the word out with regards to their products and services. A lot of people visiting this page usually asks how to purchase Bitcoins through a safe and secured means online. Well, consider this as a perfect starting point. Let us now check how.

Your first priority upon deciding the best Bitcoin exchange is the safety and security of the website and its server. This simplifies to asking: Is this a trustworthy and reliable exchange giving a transparent details of coins in cold storage (we will discuss more regarding this later) and do they have happy and satisfied clients?

It is also great to watch out for available currency pairs: In what currency do you want to trade Bitcoin with? Euros, USD, or some other fiat currencies? Your location basically gives a hint of what is offered. But, the biggest Bitcoin websites usually gives various choices for Bitcoin buying with currency and altcoins that is government issued.

Bitcoin’s outright complexity of researching with regards to trading location urged me to compose this blog. Though one should see to it that before investing, a thorough research should be done, I hope this blog will guide you. A table below shows a list of the best exchanges for online Bitcoin buying. If you are someone novice to cryptocurrency exchanges then check for the column which is beginner-friendly.

Get hold of exchanges that are reliably trustworthy and the ones given positive user ratings placed higher compared to others. Extra points are awarded to Bitcoin buying websites that allows PayPal since a lot of users requires this feature. For credit card purchases of Bitcoin, websites have ranking preference given as well. Scrutinize each option listed below in the best Bitcoin exchange list. Don’t forget to hit bookmark for future purposes.

Buying BTC through this Exchange List

I am really hoping the Bitcoin exchanges list above will be put to good use to know how to do Bitcoin trading. Each impressive website should possess in depth instructions. From this point, a person can simply figure out how to do Bitcoin buying via cash, Paypal, bank transfers and credit card. The moment you have coins at hand, it is really advisable to keep them offline (not through an exchange).

For details about cold storage, go over the list of wallets available. If you want to sell or buy, it is much safer to transfer inside and outside of your own “cold” wallet towards the “hot” exchange online. Take note that as long as the keys for your offline wallet is not compromised and is secured, then definitely those coins can never be taken.

Best website for Bitcoin buying from the list above

This is really a difficult question in my opinion. Each possesses an upside as compared to others. You can just check out some and read on forums to see what other users have commented about the provided service and which is considered to be the best website for easy Bitcoin buying. is considered to be a cool person to person (p2p) Bitcoin exchange for newbies who wants to buy for the first time.

The service is available globally so you can readily use pounds, yen, euros, Canadian dollars, krona, rubles, rupees, lire, swiss francs and so on. If you opt to pay by cash physically then you have the chance to see the person you are transacting in real life.

Alternately, you can opt to do a quick bank transfer and still the website can keep your coins for you in escrow the moment it goes through. It is obvious that simple ways are available to start off. Some prefers to purchase through paypal, even though several top Bitcoin exchanges doesn’t allow due to chargebacks.

The largest exchanges

In most cases, the largest Bitcoin exchanges will be placed at the top of the list above. For instance Coinbase (considered as the best Bitcoin exchanged for USD), GDAX, OKCoin, and Btc-e all constitute to massive volume proportions. The volume varies daily, so the largest exchange in the world changes is different every day. You can check Bitcoinity for a reliable list of all the best Bitcoin exchange site as well as their proportional volumes. Some may consider this useful for program trading between markets.

Best exchange for cryptocurrency

Unfortunately with the Cryptsy’s collapse, it is necessary to have a new large top-rate cryptocurrency exchange (also known as Altcoins). With a lot of cryptocurrency exchange websites that is just medium-sized, it is considered a better circumstance compared to having just one large impressive option. Poloniex is considered to be a large impressive option. It is truly a great platform and its user-interface went through a total redesign.

Things runs smoothly upon using Poloniex. All huge and little trading pairs have been offered and it is viable now to execute on major altcoins some cryptocurrency margin trading. This is really a nice feature, using it needs to be with caution since leveraged trading contains some risk factor.

Take note that there are a few sites for Bitcoin exchange that also do altcoins. Bittrex, CEX and HitBTC are some of the best options to check out. There are a few as well that offer short selling on some major coins. You’re maybe interested also to see the market capitalizations and do comparison with some others that are listed there.

Finding the most secured Bitcoin exchange

This is really a critical question to ask. We agree that having the phrase trustworthy Bitcoin exchange together appears to be an oxymoron, more especially as we try to remember the glory days of MtGox (also known as EmptyGox). Even if the Bitcoin protocol was never experienced being hacked, a lot of peripheral business did.

Instead, the greatest question one can ask would be: Among the Bitcoin exchanges, which are the least secure? Typically, the ones listed here have good standing obviously and are optimum, but of course always proceed with caution. Always remember to never leave a lot of Bitcoins online compared to the amount that you can afford to lose.

I hope you can manage to visit again my blog and leave a rate for whichever is the perfect site you have chosen to buy Bitcoins online. This will really help and give guidance to my future visitors.

For details discussion: You can try listening Andreas Antonopoulos from the LetsTalkBitcoin podcast,

2017’s Best Bitcoin Exchanges:

Coinbase has a lot to offer; has interesting interface, a magnificent website to purchase Bitcoin using a debit card as well as provides several wallets online for one’s digital currency. As much as 4.8 millon users that have signed up which includes forty-five (45) thousand merchants and nine (9) thousand developer apps. It can work very well with American, Canadian and European clients. I also composed a complete Coinbase review for in depth details.


  • It is very simple to navigate
  • Has a lot of veteran customers
  • An online wallet is available


  • A little effort is required upon account verification

LocalBitcoins is somewhat for prominent for person to person (p2p) transactions globally. In other words, it means to say that you are directly interacting with the person selling to you. Among the Bitcoin websites listed, this is considered to be among the first and highly reputed. Dispute resolution and escrow is given by the website.


  • A best way to connect with people
  • PayPal is available as well
  • No verification process required
  • Famous in most countries


  • Requires longer time to end transaction
  • Certain risks are given with anonymous transactions
  • A few bank accounts was suspended after money was received

Bitstamp operates outside of UK and is vast in Europe. Great volumes are accessible for substantial trades. People can well receive it via cards and SEPA.


  • Available card purchases available (Visa or MasterCard)
  • Headquarters is situated in London
  • Great for big transactions


  • It is not readily available for several countries

Kraken is developing to be a reputable Bitcoin broker serving several markets. It is well loved by Europeans as much as with Americans since they work well with SEPA, goes through a simple verification process and is very knowledgeable with regards to cryptography.


  • Cryptographic communications
  • Cheapest rates
  • works well for North America and Europeans


  • Website not as intuitive visually

CoinATMradar gives a worldwide map of Bitcoin ATMs. This enables you to utilize cash in buying personally at any physical machine. This is considered as among the most undervalued means of buying with no ID for verification and maintains users anonymity with 869 ATMs scattered across each continents.


  • Bitcoin locations available near you
  • ID is not necessary except for some cases
  • An explanation of how Bitcoin ATM works is given


  • Not always easy to find a nearby machine
  • You definitely have to leave the house!

Paxful can get as much as 2,000,000 visits monthly and half of it are from the U.S. It is a person to person Bitcoin marketplace uniting buyers to sellers almost the same to the one mentioned above. There are more than one hundred fifty (150) methods of payment that can be utilized. Very impressive!


  • More than a hundred payment methods
  • peer to peer (p2p)


  • Higher fees compared elsewhere

Bitsquare should not be missed since it is technically more advanced. It is decentralize peer to peer (p2p) platform that provides you ultimate safety. There are more than 60 cryptocurrencies that can be traded and purchasing Bitcoins via escrow, bank transfer and trusted third parties can be done as well.


  • Impressively advanced (technologically)
  • decentralized AND p2p
  • For bank transfers, there is a trusted escrow system


  • Requires an advanced or higher level of IT comprehension

GDAX is best for traders that are technical and also offers good liquidity. You can readily deposit in USD which can be processed as quickly as withdrawals. It is also considered to be the best exchange for Ethereum for serious players in this field.


  • An essential component of a Coinbase brand that is trusted
  • Developed to be a sincere trading site


  • Requires more ID procedure steps compared to Chinese trading platforms
Written by Melvin Draupnir on May 16, 2017.