Coinapult is Bitcoin wallet known for its “Locks” feature that allows users to peg the value of bitcoins to other assets, like dollars, gold, or silver.


Coinapult was founded by Erik Voorhees and Ira Miller in 2012. The company was the first to allow Bitcoin wallet functions through email and SMS.


Coinapult Locks allow users to deposit bitcoins and lock in the value to other assets. Users are able to store value in assets other than bitcoin, but retain the ability to spend as bitcoin. A user could, for example, lock in three bitcoins for one ounce of gold. A user can then spend his/her gold balance as bitcoin at any Bitcoin merchant, without the need to worry about Bitcoin volatility.

Venture Capital Rounds

company Coinapult: $0.78 million - Seed

30-Sep-2014 | Wallet

Investors: Bitcoin Opportunity Corp, Roger Ver, FirstMark Capital, Erik Voorhees, Ira Miller

Headquartered: Panama City

Country: Panama