OneCoin - Another Cryptocurrency?

OneCoin Cryptocurrency

I’ve had the chance to brand, market, promote and build several services or products online during the past 25 years through putting up remarkable size organizations. I did it with companies that are traditional and through utilizing network marketing channels. A lot of victorious entrepreneurs have gathered substantial wealth by taking part in these similar undertaking.

Even though there are several people who look down on network marketing because of various reasons, one can’t simply ignore the fact that there is a lot of companies who utilizes network marketing as a way to put up, brand and also promote products, technology and services. Several companies that have come out in this field have now become a multi-billion dollar companies.

But even prior to Bitcoin’s emergence, my surrounding circle of brilliant-minded business affiliates and colleague have already joined in round table or think tank discussions considering particular service, technologies and products.

I would define these several people in my crowd as professional visionaries. Their vast knowledge were gained through conducting thorough research. They also have counted on their connections in order to be introduced to other visionaries as well who was able to learn that a speedy growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will happen in the future.

My business team had a lot of discussions with regards to cryptocurency and blockchain technology. The process on how the group can capitalize this young technology was included in their discussions.

Several new cryptocurrency have then started to come up since Bitcoin. In fact, I can give you around ten twelve other cryptocurrencies that is new which will appear to be interesting and most likely will reach significant pull over the web.

One company was able to catch our attention but is still relatively new to the world of cryptocurrency and open source blockchain. This company is recognized as OneCoin and this entity differs since it emerged through network marketing.

More than a year ago, the members of my research organization started to do some deep research about this specific company in order to determine the facts from fiction. Since we’re curious if this company was doing something valuable. As well as we wanted to learn more facts regarding the company’s principles.

I can tell you a lot about having the right due diligence. There are several people whom I can consider as totally misinformed business persons in which their idea of due diligence is just simply placing the company or the company officer’s name in the Google search engine. In the end, they just accept whatever piece of information they can collect and treat it as true and definite fact. For people who agrees that proper diligence is done this way is completely and unluckily misinformed.

I have tried searching in Google the name of quite a few giant entrepreneurs and elite companies who most individuals consider as a standard or models in their field of expertise and established endless amounts of wrong information with no merit as well as sustainable facts.

Having been able to complete a search in Google search engine isn’t the right way to handle a complete investigation of due diligence or even a company or individual’s background. Though it can considered a basis to start with, but definitely not a full background. Utilizing the Google search isn’t the right way to bring together accurate and precise facts.

Why? Several wrong information are being posted by group publications or even individuals for reasons too many to mention that intentionally post misinformation or negative things. There are times where individuals write information that are negative about a certain company especially if such attraction exist for that company. They do kind of thing in order to gain publicity and gain more attention to their company as well as gather visitors for their website blog for the sole purpose of gaining monetary profit. For instance, the more people who visit my website, the more I can earn through advertising revenue.

OneCoin Cryptocurrency

This is also true even for national media. They often report erroneous information and not actual in order for the story to catch the attention of the public. There are lots of instances where their sources were never vetted properly in order to satisfy accuracy. The people watches. There is an increase in advertising revenue. Occasionally, an error’s retraction or an inaccurate information cannot be understood easily, hence nobody can really notice.

We have learned from the entrepreneur think tank that OneCoin was Europe-based, specifically in Sophia, Bulgaria and its CEO named Dr. Ruja Ignatova has a thorough background of the banking industry and finance world.

This same person Dr. Ignatova has a Juris Degree which she took from the prestigious University of Oxford possessing an Economics Master’s Degree taken from University of Konstanz. It was also known that Dr. Ruja was able to earn a PhD for law that is taken as well from the same university. Her thesis was about the European’s Union Corporate Litigation.

We have done an investigation as well with Dr. Ignatova’s background. She was able to work on several quantities of projects at McKinsey and Company in which she had a position of an Associate Partner before. She also held a tremendous background in banking as CFO/CEO in Bulgaria’s one of the largest asset management funds.

It was also known that her background in the field of cryptocurrency allowed her to be among the Europe’s leading authorities with regards to cryptocurrency and blockchain.

This matter was appealing to us. Since we were not satistfied, we wanted to really document if this information was even factual or not. This made one member of the think tank to pursue his own thorough research in order to record everything. It was even followed up through personally visiting the headquarters company in Sophia Bulgaria. It was a surprise when that think person able to gain a full transparency access inside the company as well as to Dr. Ignatova. An independent film crew that was able to accompany this member in Europe did document this.

Our research about this company has been updated based upon this independent research. This made them gain a little bit of resistance in accumulating membership globally of beyond 1.7 million. The members can enroll without pay or buy training/education packages which ranges in various price points depending on the education bundle.

OneCoin Cryptocurrency

Depending on the size of the education package, tokens are being distributed to be utilized for the purposes of mining. In this kind of process, the member is able to mine cryptocurrency coins in which they may choose to keep for gain valuation. The members can choose to sell their coins also back to an inside exchange.

We were able to see the cryptocoin’s price from the beginning which is only about 0.50 Euros and its value was able to grow for as much as 5.63 Euros in their internal exchange in just a period of almost 1 year. Its valuation is overwhelmingly eleven times.

The company utilizes a free source blockchain technology which is audited independently by an outsider audit firms bearing an intention to mine an almost 2.1 billion coins. Their objective is to be included in the list of independent exchange by a tremendous growth. Seemingly, Dr. Ignatova has a plan to allow the daily utilization of purchase of goods and service to a globally base of merchants by using seamless payment systems.

In the network marketing world, it was imminent that the company was able to gain great traction in the said industry. If this is still not considered the quickest network marketing company to grow, it surely is among the quickest globally from the year 2015 until 2016.

This company was able to absorb another three network marketing companies that they have acquired which seems to be the process of securing fast growth in this industry. They’re established in several countries around the world.

The findings of the group also concludes that indeed there have several members who are top-ranking money earners around the world as well as the top earners in the network marketing field. The list of these top money earners can be checked by going through the independent online reporting of companies which validate such results. This method can enable you to discover who such top money earner is in the network marketing world.

We likewise take note of that some of these advertising pioneers in a year have outperformed other showcasing giant business people who beforehand held these distinguished titles as acknowledged top earners in the said industry. These wages are extremely higher if compared with numerous most generously compensated CEO's and also corporate executives globally.

We were surprised to discover that not only OneCoin possesses the highest money earner as well as in less than a year they have the most important highest ranking global money earners if compared with top network marketing cash earners around the world.

OneCoin Cryptocurrency

As a research organization group we neither freely approve as in suggest nor do we openly denounce as in condemn singular system advertising organizations we audit. We simply share our entire due diligence and then do factual reporting as they seem to be.

This our fifth full review of such network marketing companies. There are companies who garnered quite great feedbacks and others negative feedbacks from our team of think tank. A portion of our background should come with a visit by no less than one made by our trusted delegates who makes visit personally to the company’s headquarters and be offered a complete transparency to record our truth finding.

We therefore conclude that in order for individuals to generate their best judgment in the matter of whether this could be a one of a kind method of gaining a share of the market in the cryptocurrency world. Surely it is an amazing idea that deserves credit for at least being noted as an alternative method or way to accumulate shares in the field of accessible cryptocurrency.

As a team of successful business entrepreneurs, we have invested the money and time to provide the most unprejudiced and precise results of our thorough background investigation for those companies we were interested to investigate.

There are also group members who are surely willing to openly share our full due diligence result finding with business minded people to whomever is interested and then enable them to create their own conclusions or decisions. We only report both negative and positive facts as they genuinely seem to be.

Written by Melvin Draupnir on July 6, 2017.